Services Overview

Our services are designed to familiarize you with important management principles and how to apply them in your day-to-day activities. We sensitize you to what may go wrong and those events that may sidetrack progress toward your goals. We provide you valuable feedback on conditions in your areas and make suggestions on how to enhance or strengthen your processes.

Advisory Services

We can join your task forces, committees, or sit down with you to advise as you begin important departmental initiatives, assess opportunities, and design new systems.

Auditor Network

Our links with institutions across the nation help us help you. We are in constant communication with other colleges and universities, asking about their practices so that we may share them with you.

Audits & Follow-up

Our audits and investigations identify areas requiring your attention to increase efficiency and effectiveness. We also troubleshoot to help you reduce the likelihood of fraud or other events that can erode your budget, reputation, and credibility.

Awareness Workshops

We orient you and your management team to a method of analyzing risks specific to your goals. The workshop is designed to develop simple action plans to reduce the likelihood of unwelcome surprises.

Control Briefings

We offer a two-hour educational presentation of widely accepted management techniques.

System Assessments

Our staff of information systems auditors look for vulnerabilities in local area networks, workstations, and software to help you combat viruses and hacker attacks.