Services Overview

Our services are designed to familiarize you with important management principles and how to apply them in your day-to-day activities. We sensitize you to what may go wrong and those events that may sidetrack progress toward your goals. We provide you valuable feedback on conditions in your areas and make suggestions on how to enhance or strengthen your processes. Navigate below to learn more about each type of service we provide.

Audit and Advisory Services - Image of two hands shaking

Audit and Advisory Services

  • Compliance Audits
  • Project / Engagement Monitoring
  • Standard Sample Testing Audit
  • End-to-End Process Audit
  • Check-up / Diagnostic
Risk and Control Reviews - Image of a clipboard with checklists

Risk and Control Framework Reviews

  • Risk Interviews / Verbal Advice
  • Project Management Framework
  • Control Process Overview
  • Control Framework Review
Data Analytics - Image of a tablet with colorful graphs

Data Analytics


Table operations sit at the core of any analytics program, and AAS uses data analytics to perform the core table operations on millions of rows of Rutgers’ data.  Most critically, we create insight into what these millions of records might mean for your operations and can export summarized or exceptional results into a more consumable format, such as Excel, Access, or Tableau.

Data Visualization

In addition to defining the right data, acquiring it, cleansing it, and deriving meaning in the ETL steps, AAS builds dashboards easily consumable by you and your team to understand the overall health of your operation and allow some exploration of eye-catching anomalies.

Continuous Monitoring / Continuous Auditing

Leveraging results from previous ad-hoc analysis work, AAS works with you to hone your control processes on a periodic basis.  Exception reports identify individual items which may be of interest – either to fix or to identify in aggregate to identify a control weakness for mitigation.  Eventually, as your controls improve, we may increase the frequency of the period until potential exceptions are identified in real-time. 

System Assessments - Image of a computer

System Assessments

  • Pre-Implementation Review
  • Post-Implementation Review
Special Requests - Image of a book with a magnifying glass

Special Requests

  • Business Coaching / Education
  • Investigations